Nedz Bed

We are now stockists of Nedz Bed Products. This is a relatively new venture for us. We decided that after the shortage of shavings, we would offer an alternative bedding solution. Nedz products have proven to be very popular and affordable.

Nedz Bed Original:

Neds Bed Original is made of wheat straw with a moisture content of under 15%. It contains Manuka which has anti viral and anti bacterial properties to discourage bed eating. This product is dust extracted and rivals the absorbency of woodshavings. Original works best when mucked out daily.
Nedz Bed Pro:

Nedz Bed Pro is made from Oilseed Rape Straw. This also has a low moisture content, is treated with Manuka and is dust extracted. However, Pro is even more absorbent and only requires a full muck out once a week. Pro can be fully mucked out daily but works best by establishing a good bed of 4-5” which lets wet filter through to the base leaving the top dry.
Nedz Bed Advance:

Nedz Bed Advance remains in keeping with the other Nedz bedding – being manufactured from high quality straw. However, the process and final product is very different. The straw is chopped and ground to produce very short, highly absorbent fibres . These are sterilized using steam and treated to control moulds and spores, before being pressed into a pellet form and packaged.
Advance is incredibly absorbent, capable of absorbing 5 times its weight in liquid. It increases in volume as your horse is stabled on it and creates a comfortable and sturdy base. Muck and wet patches should be removed daily, but the bed should not be turned. Depending on usage, a new bag will only be required every 3-5 days after the initial set up.

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