We are now authorised Hemcore resellers, please read on for more information about the two products we're featuring:

Hemcore Bedding and Rapport


What is Hemcore Bedding?

For good health and wellbeing, the stabled horse needs a soft, comfortable bed, which will absorb moisture and ammonia, giving a clean, dust-free environment.

Hemcore Horse Bedding is made from the inner core of the hemp plant stem that is grown and processed entirely in the UK. It is not bleached and no chemicals are added at any stage of its growth, so producing a 'green' product that is fully recyclable into useful compost. Hemp is also fast growing and fully sustainable. In the past, hemp has traditionally been grown to produce fine paper products, rope and textiles and is now also used to make Hemcore - a natural horse bedding. When the crop is harvested in late summer, the outer fibres of the stem are stripped off to produce traditional and new products, whilst the soft inner core is used to make Hemcore. It is dried, chopped, dust extracted and packed into heat-sealed, recyclable polythene bags.

Now with Citronella.

Why use Hemcore Bedding?

Highly Absorbent
What sets Hemcore apart from other bedding materials is its very high absorbency that results in a bed that stays drier longer. It is capable of absorbing far more moisture than either straw or wood shavings, and any wet areas that do have to be dug out are small by comparison. It makes a warm and comfortable bed that provides good insulation against cold and protection against injury.

Low Odour
Hemcore also absorbs ammonia very efficiently, reducing its harmful effects on a horse's respiratory system, and reducing stable odour.

Dust Extracted
Dust and spores are extracted from Hemcore to provide a cleaner stable environment. This is particularly important for horses with a respiratory disease, but also helps to prevent such problems developing. Hemcore is regularly batch tested for dust and spore counts by an independent laboratory.

Economical to Use
Although starting a bed with Hemcore may be a little more expensive than with other materials, its slower replacement rate soon evens out the costs. With Hemcore's unusually high absorbency, only 1/2 to 1 new bales should be needed every ten days.

Labour Saving
A Hemcore bed is quick and easy to maintain, staying drier and lasting longer than conventional materials. It should be disturbed as little as possible, with the droppings being removed regularly each day, and the wet material dug out as required.

Easy Disposal
Hemcore creates only a small manure heap, which rots down into quality garden compost in just a couple of months. This compares very favourably with the long time it takes straw, and particularly shavings, to decompose.

Hemcore is supplied in watertight heat-sealed polythene bales, which are convenient to handle and can be stored inside or out. There is no waste and no mess.

Environmentally Friendly
Hemcore is made from a sustainable source and is completely biodegradable. It is packed in recyclable polythene. 


Hemp Technology are now producing a new bedding called Rapport which will sell alongside their traditional product Hemcore.

Rapport is based on the straw of the oilseed rape plant. The straw is processed with the same efficient machinery as Hemcore which means an excellent softening and sizing of the straw and of course with a full and thorough dust extraction.

Hemcore, our original bedding, has always worked well with animals and owners that have a respiratory problem, Rapport will be no different.

Rapport is available in the same size bales as Hemcore, each weighing around 20 kilos and in a smart new colour for the packaging so it can be easily identified from our original product. The bales are palletized and distributed via our existing network throughout the UK and some of the Islands. Please see the animal bedding distributor list on this website where you can enter a postcode or click on a county. All existing Hemcore distributors will be able to get Rapport, just ask.

Rapport will work with most animals, especially with our two main customer bases, equine and poultry. Please refer to the “how to use Hemcore” and “why use Hemcore” pages on the animal bedding section of this website which will translate as the same for Rapport.

You will find that Rapport is cheaper than Hemcore. This is a well considered reduction; we recognise that with green shoots of recovery or not times are difficult. If you need an excellent, lower cost alternative to Hemcore then it will be in your interest to try Rapport.