We are able to supply various grades of hay, in a number of different bale sizes. Our main trade is in conventional size bales, mainly due to the ease of handling for our customers. However, we also produce a lot of hay in quadrant bales (8ftx4ftx2ft 6”). These bales often work out more economical, but are much more difficult to handle if you do not have a forklift at your yard.



We are able to supply wheat, barley and oat straw in various bale sizes. Our straw is tested for moisture to ensure that it is only baled in fit condition. This minimises poor quality and dust.
We are always keen to buy straw behind the combine at harvest – wheat, barley, oat or rape.

We have been making haylage for over 20 years.
The grass for our haylage is especially sown.
It is rye grass and clover mix which produces an excellent quality product.
We produce 4 string 125kg bales, which are wrapped in plastic wrap.
Because we are directly involved with the baling and wrapping processes, we can boast a fantastic product with a virtually negligible spore level.

We currently have plain bag woodshavings available in 22kg bags.
These are light wood and dust extracted.
We are looking to expand our range of shavings and bedding in the very near future, and will update the site accordingly.