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Event Supplies

Event Supplies

Douglas Hill Hay & Straw Merchants have been supplying Essex and the surrounding areas for over 50 years.

We are a family run business that prides itself on good quality products and exceptional service.

Our hay & straw bales are perfect for your event; whether it be a children’s party at the village hall,  a wedding or a 10,000 strong festival - we are here to help you achieve some rustic, effective & elegant charm to your event.

Conventional bales will happily seat 2 people. You can also place bales together and create snuggle chairs, small sofa’s, large sofa’s and even L shape sofa’s.  You can even create tables, and stack them high enough to create bars and buffet tables. Drape with some blankets and cushions, and you’ll certainly have some cosy guests!

We have a full range of hay & straw bales available – these are available in all different sizes so please feel free to give us a call. We will do our very best to provide you with all of your options.

We have supplied many events with their seating arrangements and bars etc. We have some great images so please have a look at the gallery, check out the testimonials and call us on 01245 400277 or please complete the ‘contact us’ form on the website and one of the team will be in touch!

I was just wondering...

This very much depends on the quantity you are ordering and your location.  Ease of access to the site is also taken into consideration,  this can be discussed when we reach the quotation stage of the process, but please be assured, we are very reasonable!

This very much depends on the booking, and we take each one as it comes.  Ideally we’d like to be delivering a day or two prior to the event to ensure receipt and also this provides you with plenty of time to “Set the Scene”

It pours! – we hope not!  We’re no Michael Fish’s, however, we’d like to think that the sun will shine on your day;   In the event of rain, we do ask that you do your best to look after the bales, by either covering with a tarpaulin or moving them undercover to keep damage to a minimum (and dry bums!)

Serving The Equine Trade For Over 50 Years