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I was just wondering

I was just wondering...

This very much depends on the quantity you are ordering and your location.  Ease of access to the site is also taken into consideration,  this can be discussed when we reach the quotation stage of the process, but please be assured, we are very reasonable!

This very much depends on the booking, and we take each one as it comes.  Ideally we’d like to be delivering a day or two prior to the event to ensure receipt and also this provides you with plenty of time to “Set the Scene”

It pours! – we hope not!  We’re no Michael Fish’s, however, we’d like to think that the sun will shine on your day;   In the event of rain, we do ask that you do your best to look after the bales, by either covering with a tarpaulin or moving them undercover to keep damage to a minimum (and dry bums!)