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Hunter Woodshavings Hunter Woodshavings
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As well as saving you time and money by supplying a high-quality product that expands to provide you with much greater bedding coverage in every bale, the dry fluffy shavings have a much greater absorbency than most competitor products too. From the start, the original raw material has been kiln ..
Bed-Down Excel horse bedding has been developed to utilise the advantages of both straw – drainage and durability – and softwood shavings – absorbency – in one easy to use product. Bed-Down Excel spreads up to 1/3rd further than an equivalent sized bale of softwood shavings and by chopping th..
Bed-Down Lavender Shavings horse bedding is manufactured from top quality white softwood shavings with a lavender fragrance. Softwood shavings are excellent for absorbing and make a comfortable and attractive bed for your horse. The pleasant lavender fragrance will help to keep the stable fresh...
Bed-Down Rapasorb horse bedding is manufactured from high quality rape straw which is chopped to expose the highly absorbent inner pith and dust extracted with our EASY BREATHE™ process to safeguard respiratory health. A pleasant fragrance is also added to keep the stable fresh for you and your ..
Once dried and dust extracted the flakes are baled and palletised, without being handled by hand. This streamline aspect of the process keeps our efficiency of supply up and costs down. Bluefrog bedding is created from virgin timber, it is not made from recycled waste product. Yet when you ..
The shavings are vacuum packed under extreme compression so when the bale is opened the shavings spring back to give exceptional spread volume. The product is made from virgin softwood shavings from sustainable untreated sources. It consists of large flakes for maximum stability enabling t..
  Very economical* Easy to muck out* Highly biodegradable* Bitter tasting to discourage bed eating* Capable of absorbing five times its weight in liquid* Available to be delivered direct from us, straight to your door* Average 60% to 70% reduction in waste over conventional bedding* Cr..
Nedz Original offers horse owners the chance to use a truly traditional method of bedding – maintaining the cosy feel and appearance of straw but also the benefits that technological advances bring - a comfortable, economical, highly effective solution to bedding requirements. Rivalling shavi..
Made from Oil Seed Rape Straw, Nedz Pro offers a super absorbent alternative to shavings and other bedding materials – whilst combining all the benefits of quick rotting, easy to muck out, cosy chopped straw! Due to its highly absorbent properties Nedz Pro only requires a full muck out once a..
Plospan Wood Fibre ‘Classic’ is an excellent bedding material and has exceptional absorption power. Because wood fibre is efficient and economical to use, it also significantly reduces manure volume compared with, for example, straw. Working with wood fibre as a bedding material in a stable is a..
White Horse Wood Pellets White Horse Wood Pellets
Platinum Plus wood pellets are manufactured from a particularly highest grade source material - this makes these one of the lightest coloured wood pellets available. Additionally, Platinum Plus Pellets boast an exceptionally high calorific value which makes their burning characteristics one of ..
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