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Hunter Woodshavings

Hunter Woodshavings

Hunter Woodshavings

As well as saving you time and money by supplying a high-quality product that expands to provide you with much greater bedding coverage in every bale, the dry fluffy shavings have a much greater absorbency than most competitor products too. From the start, the original raw material has been kiln dried to reduce moisture content and the product has been taken directly from the planing lines into the baling plant where it is baled before moisture or other debris has a chance to get back into it.

Whereas many other products are already too full of moisture to absorb much more or physically not suited to doing so, Hunter Woodshavings come out of the bag dry and fluffy to soak up whatever is thrown at them whilst providing a naturally soft and comfortable bed for as long as possible.

(36 per pallet)

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